RapidFire Pro-LP 2200 F/ Programable Electric Furnace Oven

RapidFire Pro-LP 2200 F/ Programable Electric Furnace Oven

Regular price $550.00

Made in the USA!

Tabletop Furnace Company

This is the Pro model with programable ramping controllers.

Fires to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit in just 12 minutes!

Outside dimensions 8" x 7" x 13"

Inside chamber 6" x 5" x 6"

Can be used for wheel thrown clay, metal clay, PMC, gold melting, glass beads, fusion glass.

 The RapidFire Pro-LP offers the ultimate combination of portability, function and performance demanded by professional artists at a fraction of the cost of comparative products. The RapidFire LP is the ideal solution for jewelry, metal clay and ceramic firing and comes complete with a digital control panel, embedded heating element, 6" x 5" x 6" firing chamber, 1500 watts of power and a wide opening door. At just 12 lbs., it's light enough to take with you on the go.  ** Due to the nature of raw steel under extreme temperatures, the steel surface will experience tempering and coloration changes. 


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